King Cormorant in Valdes Peninsula

King Cormorant in Peninsula Valdes
King Cormorant (Phalacrocórax atriceps albiventer) measure between 60 and 70 cm. and belong to the pelecaniformes order whose most notable character is to have all four toes on the foot webbed, which distinguishes them from any other web-footed bird. King cormorants nest on outgoing sandbars, sometimes sharing the area with sea lions, or other birds like South american tern.
King Cormorant in Peninsula Valdes
King Cormorant in Peninsula Valdes They form colonies of dozens of individuals as do all fish-eating cormorants. They are excellent divers and a feature is that they propel themselves underwater with the legs- in this they differ from penguins, which use their wings to swim. The plumage of cormorants is not very waterproof and therefore has to be dried in the sun with outstretched wings and tail.

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