Reserve Punta Piramides - Peninsula Valdes Geography

Reserve Punta Pirámides - Peninsula Valdes Geography
The Valdes Peninsula geography is mostly described by high cliffs, extended sedimentary platforms, sandy and pebble beaches. Small bays and many small barren islands complete our coast scene. All this area has a great geological value, thats why Valdes Peninsula was declared Mankind Heritage to be protected, preserved y valued.Reserve Punta Pirámides - Peninsula Valdes Geography
The protected area Punta Pirámides has 132 hectares surface and was created on February 1974. It is plenty of small cliffs, and between them small pebble beaches, the ground has arenaceous, argillaceous and fossil elements.
sea lions in valdes peninsula punta piramides
Whale watching  Punta Pirámides - Peninsula Valdes Geography
During the summer season at Punta Piramide it is not just an expansive maternity scene but more so one of the largest reproductive sea lion colonies in the Valdes Peninsula. The density of sea lions here is obvious, where as many as 3,000 individuals can be observed each season.
Reserve Punta Pirámides - Patagonia Argentina Geography
Definetely a great stage for photography, especially during whale watching season.The sunsets enjoyed from Punta Pirámide are all unforgettable, and it is one of the few places in Argentina we you can see how the sun hides behind the sea.Hotel in Puerto Piramides Peninsula ValdesFeel free to contact us to receive our promotional rates in Del Nómade Eco Hotel Puerto Piramides. We know Valdes Peninsula, the places, the activities cause we live here!. Our e mail is delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar, we will be glad to answer all you doubts! You can use our Booking On Line
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