The Ecocentro Museum in Puerto Madryn brings us closer to the sea.

 The Ecocentro in Puerto Madryn is definitely a place to be visited and to better understand and enjoy the nature of the sea in the context of Valdes Peninsula and coastal Patagonia. Opened at the beginning of this new millennium, the Ecocentro has space for several exhibitions including life-size replicas of local maritime animals, thematic and interactive displays about the tides, maritime wildlife and much more. The Ecocentro also offers many conferences and changing exhibitions raising consciousness on the need to protect the sea and the maritime environment. The Ecocentro is not only a tourist attraction but is also regularly visited by locals looking for more knowledge about the little understood maritime environment that surrounds us.
Lugares magazine named the Ecocentro as the best Argentine museum in the year 2006. Beautifully displayed models produced by well-known artists are just another aspect that assists the imagination as you are immersed in the oceanic animal realm. Some of the lifesize models include Penguins, Sea Lions, Dolphins and a famous Orca from the local population called Mel.
Schools from all over the province of Chubut, as well as other provinces, visit the Ecocentro each year. The students enjoy not only the museum but also the surprising and magical experience of their first real encounter with the sea.
There is also a game room for children with educational and interactive displays, games and books. A space of understanding and well diagramed education provides enjoyment for the entire family. The entire museum was built with a specific concept maintained with its luminous design and panoramic windows looking out over the ocean. There is a small bar/café inside offers coffee, tea and pastries as well a souvenir shop.
If you pass through Puerto Madryn while visiting in whale season, orca season or during summer vacations, take the time to visit this beautiful museum and all that it has to offer. Keep in mind that the museums hours change depending on the season. For more information visit this link: Open Hours.
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