Right whale calluses, peculiarities of this species

Right whale calluses in Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
These calluses with hard and light forms have a rough base and sometimes take the form of small leaves. They are about 5 cm in height, are formed in the fetal stage and grow with the animal, throughout his life. They are found along the upper margin of the lower lip, jaw, dorsal surface of the face and eyes, forming a kind of eyebrow.
right whale colonies of barnacles
In all specimens of right whales, the largest one is the bonnet which is on the end of the snout of the animal. These dark gray calluses have populations of cyamids, commonly known as whale lice. The calluses sometimes host colonies of barnacles which can cause them to take on a yellow or orange color.
Whale Watching in Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes
While all the whales have these skin blemishes, not all are in the same place or the same way. Each whale has its own unique distribution of calluses. 40 years ago, Roger Paine decided to use this unique distribution to enable photo- identification of whales at Peninsula Valdes.
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