Sunsets surrounded by whales - Puerto Piramides Valdes Peninsula

The last whale watching trip of the day is called Sunset, and as its name says is during the sunset time. This tour trough wich you can get closer to the Southern Right Whale in Valdes Peninsula, has the particularity of being colored by the orange of the sun hiding in the sea. This trip has a different mysticism than the others offered during the day.
Whale Watching at sunset in Valdes PeninsulaNot all the companies offer the Sunset Trip, at this time of the year Southern Spirit is one of the companies that are doing it in Puerto Pirámides, an only port for whale watching in Argentina.
 Sunsets surrounded by whales - Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes
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The gulfs that give form to the Valdes Peninsula, have calm waters. This feature is a detail that whales choose to have their pups and mate. That's why they visit every year from late April to late December. At this time of the year until the end of the whale watching season in December, they are seen in large quantities, most are mothers with calves.

 Sunsets surrounded by whales - Puerto Piramides Peninsula ValdesThe images that we see in this article, are photographed by Alejandro Avampini professional nature photographer and also the owner of this Eco-Friendly Hotel . The Sunsets are amazing in themselves, and the sightings are magnified by the presence of whales and their selfless displays of energy.
If you decide to come, feel free to contact us to receive our promotional rates in Del Nómade Eco Hotel Puerto Piramides for this whale watching season or orcas season. We know Valdes Peninsula, the places, the activities cause we live here!. Our e-mail is delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar, we will be glad to answer all you doubts! You can use our Booking On Line.
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