The size of whales compared with humans in a whale watching

The size of whales compared with humans in a whale watching
The days of calm water, on whale watching trips in Puerto Piramides Argentine Patagonia you can see from the boat through the water the enormous size that whales have. It´s very difficult to appreciate the volume without reference point like in this first photos.
The size of whales compared with humans in a whale watching
That's why we publish this other picture, where you can understand the dimension of the whales, the mother is young and therefore is not the greatest, but is equivalent to 16 people standing. The dimensions of these marine mammals are incredible LENGTH Adult male: 14m Adult female: 15m Newborn: between 4 / 5 m. WEIGHT Adult male: 40tons Adult female: 45tons Newborn: between 2 and 3 tons With nothing more than a comparison of the size of the whale’s head, which represents a third of its body, in relation to our own, which occupies barely an eighth, it is easy to see a tremendous difference between the species., offers one of the best places in the world for whale watching.
The morphology of this region of South America offers calm and protected waters, where this giant mammals has choosen to get birth to their calves and for mating (as other species also do), turning this World Heritage in a huge nursery. Most of the 300,000 visitors and tourists that reach the Valdes Peninsula each year arrive to Puerto Piramides to observe the Southern Right Whales.
Argentine Patagonia.
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