Three days of adventure Kayaking Valdes Peninsula Argentine Patagonia

Adventure Kayak Peninsula Valdes Argentine Patagonia

Adventure Kayak Peninsula Valdes Argentine Patagonia
The last kayak trip in the Gulf San Jose, we did with Sofia Benegas and Pablo Passera, Puerto Piramides Valdes Peninsula local young guides, and expert kayakers, owners of Patagonia Explorers, proved a success. The travel time was 3 days.
Adventure Kayak Peninsula Valdes Argentine Patagonia
After establishing the necessary logistics in order to get to the point of exit and go 8 gates, 2 4x4s and kayaks on a trolley, we reached the place of departure. We keep in each locker necessary quantities of fresh water, food, and delicious snacks pure energy. Each couple had their tent, sleeping bags and everything we need to camp the next three days. The anxiety to get out and start exploring the action took us to Punta Buenos Aires. A desolate place, but very sunny, is the northeastern point that forms the entrance to the Golfo San José, on the other side Punta Quiroga.
Adventure Kayak Peninsula Valdes Argentine Patagonia
Before the sun goes down and we were back in the place assigned to set up the campsite. A delicious barbecue, small fire on the coast, provided with receipts of professionals in outdoor activities, in charge of the expedition. The starry sky framed the welcome and the talks and stories each count.
In the morning low tide forced us to load the kayaks into the sea, nothing a good team working together can not overcome.
Three days of adventure in Kayak Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
Once in the water, gorgeous weather, calm, quiet and steady pace we had during the stroke allowed us to see and feel the fauna, sea lions, a penguin swimming around and saw the whales' breaths announcing his quiet presence along the whole coast and throughout the journey.I say not exaggerate, we passed more than 70 whales during this 3 days experiences!!! The good thing about joining their habitat while silence is that does not change their behavior, move unnoticed, quietly and wondered.
camp kayak adventure in Valdes Peninsula
 A delicious lunch chopped style gourmet Sofi´s specialty, where no shortage of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, dijon mustard, and eccentricities that in this environment take a delicious dimension.
A short time lying on the beach in the style seals and continue the journey by kayak, heading to Punta Conos.
Three days of adventure in Kayaking Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
 The rock formation shaped bridge attracted us and all we wanted to pass underneath. We reached the campsite, we set up the tents and went to a short trek along the coast. Another spectacular night in Punta Conos, pasta bolognese and the conversation even more relaxed, with memories of lived experience into a few hours.The ride to Playa Fracasso was filled with whales, all rest and relax, because the sea was even more quiet, a blessing.
Three days of adventure in Kayaking Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
The desire to reach, by the accumulated fatigue, had the joy of following there, living that moment so unique. At the point of meeting with the 4x4, we could not contain the joy from that. For some of us, it was the first adventure in the Gulf San Jose.
The view of the cliffs from the solid and comfortable kayaks, the color of the sunsets and the camaraderie and professionalism of the group allow us to live and document this experience to the fullest. Thank you very much for providing such an adventure to live!
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