Travel tips - Traveling by car on Valdes Peninsula

Travel tips and review of transportation options for Patagonia ArgentinaAside from the route into Valdes Peninsula and Puerto Piramides, all the other roads are dirt and gravel. It is recommended not to travel at a speed of more than 60km/hr, a velocity that allows you safely enjoy the landscape. It is normal to encounter Guanacos, Choiques, Maras and occasionally sheep that have passed the fence while traveling this route. For this reason, one should drive cautiously and pay special attention.
Travel tips and review of transportation options for Patagonia Argentina
Keep in mind that the Fence stops the sheep, cows, and horses, but not the guanacos which are great jumpers and these animals is one of the mammals native to the Valdes Peninsula. Guanacos are masters and lords of the Nature Reserve.
Grave Road in Valdes PeninsulaPlease pay attention to and obey the road signs and enjoy this amazing World Heritage Site. With patience and going slow you will guarantee a great trip with many trouble free kilometers full of experiences worth sharing.
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