Southern Right Whales of Argentina - A earthOCEAN production

Argentina's Atlantic Coast is a haven for southern right whales . The waters around Valdes Peninsula are a breeding area of one of the largest populations that still exist in this species. "So begins this work that produced Earth Ocean, a little more than 20 minutes. Center interviews Dr. Mariano Sironi, scientific director of the Whale Conservation Institute, Vicky Rowntree, director of the Southern Right Whale program in conservation Whale Institute. Both observe and record the behavior of whales, Dr. Jon Seger biology professor at the University of Utah in the United States. the interview also Luciano Valenzuela, Researcher at ICB. Among explain general characteristics of this huge marine mammal show as performed whale photo-identification and harassment of gulls. Thanks to conservation efforts, the southern right whale is recovering steadily, after having reached the brink of extinction.
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