El Doradillo beach full of whales, in a Drone Video.

All along the shore from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Piramides, whales are growing in number. Fall roots itself more deeply, and whales comfortably find peace in this heavenly place on earth. While the concentration of animals is overall intense, the highest density of whales per km2 is observed, no chance of doubt, at Protected Natural Area El Doradillo, which takes the major award worldwide in whale population between May and July. This place, this time of year, a few meters from where the sea washes the sand, a unique concentration of right whales can be appreciated – all of them mothers with their calves. During one of the most significant and magical cycles of their existence, these marine giants approach the solid ground. Accessible to those who come to El Doradillo and witness the moment, a flask, a mate, and rolls in hand, sitting on the beach, every day, these are masterly classes of living in harmony.
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