The Nature Photographer Alejandro Avampini, updates his Valdes Peninsula website

The Nature Photographer Alejandro Avampini, updates his websiteThe wildlife and adventure photographer, Alejandro Avampini , is updating his website with several images from Valdes Peninsula, work which has began in 1994, the year he arrived in this town with his Nikon and some black and white slides rolls. Nowadays his work is a reference for all those new photographers looking for adventure activities and wildlife . He was invited to photograph different places, collecting rich material for several ecological fundations of several countries from America, contributing to take conscience in the preservations of fauna and natural waters courses , like Puerto Rico´s manatees, white turttle at Mexico and humpback whales at Dominican Republic.

Alejandro also contributes to every ecologic fundation in Argentina which requires his contribution. A month ago he was jury at the last underwater photography contest organized by the Puerto Madryn's Diving Asociation.

Eco Lodge Hotel in PatagoniaHe's also the owner of the first Eco Lodge in Patagonia, located in Puerto Piramides, which is the main tool for him to promote alternative energy resources and enviromental conscience inside of a World Heritage.

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